Our Spa Packages


Bath, blow dry, 15 min brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning, breath freshening spray, bow or bandana.  Sanitary and foot trim included when needed. Call for estimate, prices vary according to breed

Trim up

Bath, blow dry, 15 min brush out, trimming and shaping the lines of the coat, nail clipping, ear cleaning breath freshening spray, bow or bandana.  Call for estimate,prices vary according to breed

Full Haircut

Bath, blow dry, 15 min brush out, length taken off the whole body. This also includes breed specific haircuts.  Nail clipping, ear cleaning, breath spray, bow or bandana included.  Call for estimate, prices vary according to breed

Puppy Services- 5 months and younger

Puppy Bubble Bath- bath with a sensitive shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, bandana and a first bath certificate. $15
Puppy Haircut- bath with a sensitive shampoo, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, light trim in front of eyes, paws, sanitary area, and tail, bandana and a first haircut certificate. $20

Add-on Packages

Better & Best Add on to a bath or groom.  Includes upgraded shampoo, conditioner, cucumber melon face wash, toothbrushing, breath spray, cologne and bandana. $15.  Add $5 for nail grinding.
Furminator- De-shedding shampoo and solution enriched with aloe, vitamins, and minerals to help break up undercoat and reduce shedding. Prices vary.


                Upgraded Shampoo
Oatmeal- relieves dry, irritated skin with a soothing blend of oatmeal, coconut oil, and aloe vera. $5
Brightening-whitens and brightens coats without bleach and has a pleasant cherry scent $5
Exfoliating-solves flea and dry, itching skin problems w/ natural oils, aloe vera,& eucalyptus bark $5
Hypo-Allergenic- ideal for pets with sensitive skin. Fragrance-free, non-irritating and contains no dyes $5
Skunk- Deodorizing shampoo and neutralizing spray to help get rid of odor $20
Flea and Tick- Shampoo with oatmeal to kill fleas and ticks on the spot and to soothe irritated skin $7
Conditioner- Hypo Allergenic conditioner that moisturizes pets’ skin to help prevent and relieve dryness and itching.  Deep conditions dry, damaged coats with no dyes or perfumes added. $5
Toothbrushing- peanut butter flavored toothpaste that contains enzymes to naturally combat plaque-causing bacteria and breath odors.  Promotes stronger, cleaner teeth and healthier gums. $10
Blueberry facial- exfoliate skin cells with a pleasant berry scent. $3
Nail Grinding- Smoothes rough edges from nail clipping. Nail grinders work more safely, quickly, and effectively to keep your dog's nails trim. $10
Nose and Paw Lotion- made with Rosemary to moisturize the nose and paws and Olive Oil to leave them soft and smooth.  Helps relieve dry, cracked paws and nose. $3
Splash N’ Dash- For those with certain time constraints, senior dogs, or dogs with health or behavior issues and cannot stay for long periods of time in the salon.  A special appointment is made where the dog will be bathed, dried and trimmed straight through. $10 for a bath/$15 for haircut
Stay and Play- If a dog is not picked up for 2 hours after being called the owner will be charged. $10

Walk-in Services

            Nail trimming $9
            Nail grinding $12
            Ear cleaning/plucking $9
            Toothbrushing $12
            Brushing $10/15 min
Spruce up your pup-This includes nail trimming, nose and paw lotion, ear cleaning, toothbrushing, breath spray, cologne, bandana,15 min brushing and light scissoring $20 --add $5 for nail grinding.
Perfect for in between grooms.